12 July, 15:00-16:30 CEST
Meeting venue to be updated
The recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic presents a moment for reflecting on how transport can change to support sustainable, healthy, livable and resilient cities. With congestion across European cities returning to pre-pandemic levels, its imperative behavioural changes towards shared and zero emission mobility are activated in order to meet 2030 targets and lower transport emissions. In order to do so, consumer and industry changes must be enabled through ‘clean’ and just regulation.

Governments across the world are modernizing mobility regulations through Green Deal, infrastructure, and related policies. Industry in Europe and ZETA in the US, are supporting these efforts. Upcoming EU and national policies must unlock low-carbon mobility based on best practices from Member States.

By enabling shared and electric mobility – particularly through the electrification of urban fleets, we can mitigate over 70% of mobility-related urban CO2 emissions, remove 50% of city air pollution, and electrify rides for everyone – making the electrification transition more effective and equitable.

Policy which would accelerate the electrification of fleets include ensuring:

  • Support for ICE to EV transition for fleet operators, particularly high-kilometre drivers who operate their own vehicles
  • Charging infrastructure is accessible, convenient and sustainable for fleet operators and private vehicle owners alike
  • Increased passenger kilometre KPI (…minimizing deadheading, increasing occupancy) in conjunction with access regulation (zero emission areas)

ZEUF Network policy roundtable to exchange on regulations needed to enable sustainable mobility. Stakeholders will discuss challenges and opportunities for the uptake of zero emission urban fleets in Europe.

EU policymakers and ZEUF Network civil society and industry members (stakeholders representing taxi/ride-hailing, OEMs, charging companies)

This roundtable is designed to allow thoughtful review and discussion of upcoming EU mobility policies, which will be released on 14 July. Roundtable participants will formulate concrete proposals for EV enabling policies and industry actions.